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about Mitens.Art

Nina Mitens (, is an experimentally, self-taught multi-modal creative. Having grown up in the creative industries, primarily in the performative sector, Nina takes inspiration from experiential learning, the psycho-social, physical & emotional spectrums, human interaction & natural influences. Being an Expressive Arts Therapist, much of the work Nina has been exploring has to do with the unspoken subconscious. The ‘grey’ areas society often misinterprets, misrepresents, and misunderstands.

Often, their works represent more than they appear, and there is an innate desire to expand on the ‘stories’ that appear in the work. Leaning toward abstract mixed-media on canvas, Nina also plays with craft-based needle & thread crochet and fabric alongside or interwoven into works. Through mental & physical illness, the process of gender & sexual identity alignment, and a recent diagnosis of ASD, ADHD, and C-PTSD, Nina feels there is an even deeper desire to invite viewers into a world that can be as beautiful as it is chaotic.

There are of course other avenues for artmaking that include commission-based work, following the story and needs of others and their journeys. Art festivals, external group exhibitions, and more. See below for some references, follow the Instagram and stay on the mailing list if you want to know more. 

Projects Etc.


Debut exhibition ‘LIM-I-NAL-I-TY,

Part 1 of 3. An exploration of the in-between’. 

Held at the group studio Mint Arthouse in Burleigh Heads, involving performers from the community, sponsored bar by Cape Byron Distillery, Granddad Jacks Distillery and Young Henrys, with raffles and a live un-rehearsed movement-based work. 


The main focus is on the in-between of the human existence, the ‘I’ within spaces that are inherently not accepting or understanding, the stigmas attached to neurodiversity, or identity exploration, our divisive current social climate, and the natural world that we live 'on vs in'.

The invitation is to be partly immersive, partly distant, for attendees to experience joy, connection, acceptance and confusion & segregation at once.

Artist In Residence

TILCo Studio 

Opening to the public in April 2022, TILCo studio is the home base for Mitens. art and Nina is thrilled to be able to share this transformative space with The Inspired Life Collective, via exhibitions, workshops, paint & sip sessions, open studio days, and more!

13th - 30th June 2023

GC Uni Hospital  PRIDE WEEK.

Find pieces in the Foyer of the GC University Hospital during their PRIDE celebratory exhibit. Some pieces will be for sale, and may include new one-off originals


Personalised Works

Creating pieces to fit into your space, based on client specifications. Everything from prints, to murals. Spaces are now open for March and April. See the 'commissions' tab, or click here to get in touch. 


Surface Festival (Miami) is looking forward to taking part in the Annual Surface Festival - watch out for their work on the streets of Miami on the Gold Coast or in the Exhibition. 

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