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Plant Mirror Reflection

The Inspired Life Collective (TILCo). offers an integrative approach to building community connection, improving mental & physical health, and encouraging creative play, self-expression, and growth.

About TILCo.

Working through creative expression (Arts Therapies, and Counseling)  allows access your innate healer, wisdom, and inner child and reconnect to the ecosystems that surround you, building your skills to experience more joy and belonging.

TILCo’s main ethos is that creativity and reality are one and the same. That having a deeper connection and relationship with our own creativity allows us to develop a strong relationship with ourselves, our peers, and the world around us.  

TILCO aims to inspire those who are seeking a deeper sense of self, understanding, expression, & inclusivity. And assist to bring forth more expression, play, and connection. 

It is our mission to create a sacred space that is inclusive of all genders, races, sexualities, and identities as we believe every living being on this planet is constantly in a state of creativity, whether they are conscious of it or not. 

TILCO uses many modalities, in varying instances and combinations, all within a Creative container. These may include, embodiment exercises like dance, breath, and sound healing, visual, written, or nature practices as a way to facilitate exploration, creativity, connection, and integrated awareness.

We have used the term “Creative Expression Therapies” for this reason.

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Interested in trying a different approach to mental health?

Or simply want to get back in touch with creative joy and have a professional ear to work through the challenges?


Nina Mitens - Founder.

Creative Expression Therapist, Counsellor, Artist.

BCI (Drama/Psych), G. Dip Art Th, G. Dip Counselling, G. Dip Edu, A.T.C.L (Associate)

TILCo Who?

Nina is a multidisciplinary Creative Expression & Arts Therapist, Educator, Life Coach, facilitator, performer and artist (see Taking inspiration from their extensive experience within the Creative & Performing Industries, the education sector, health and wellness coaching industry and personal use of The Arts for healing. Studying a wide range of modalities and degrees over the last 15 years, Nina feels life experience is as powerful as book-knowledge and often learns just as much from clients & attendees.

Nina deeply resonates with the importance of using modalities that remove the expectation of language and believes this is the bridge needed for the large gaps in our common processing of connection & creativity.

Nina’s practices aim to unlock the unconscious, and subconscious emotions, needs, or healing using a multi-modal approach.

Taking the main inspiration from nature, and the ecosystems around us (big and small) Nina’s work weaves in sustainable Earth-conscious practices, encourages play, connection, and healing from old wisdom often denied within ourselves and Mother Earth.

"Joy and pleasure come from the work, as much as discomfort and confusion. I’m here to translate & further the learnings in a space where it’s all permitted. Sometimes I’ll be the leader, other times a child at play with you, sometimes I’m the obstacle, and others; the way.

I’ve walked in the darkness, danced in the light, I’m unashamed of my quirks and the special way my mind & soul work, am deeply grateful for the constant learning through this work. For without creative healing, I would not be alive.

I aim to challenge, I don’t aim to please; I might not be for everyone, but those who I am for… I’m all in."

- Nina.

Plant in White Pot


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