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Frequently Asked Questions
What is 'TILCo?

TILCo (short for The Inspired Life Collective) is the brainchild of Nina Mitens, & was always intended to encapsulate the many facets, skills learned, experienced gained, and processing used, in their own life journey. It now funnels nearly 15 years of exploration/study/practice/play in creative and (not so creative) modalities. Operating as a multi-disciplinary, creative collective, of expressive modalities for healing, experiencing joy, trying new things, and integrating the natural unconscious power of the individual (and community).

What is ‘TILCo Studios’?

The home & HQ of TILCo, based in Arundel/Molendinar on the Gold Coast, Aus. An adaptable & creative studio, alternative therapy clinic, mini-gallery, event and workshop space. Home of Mitens Art & Tilco’s Creative Expression Therapies. Designed to feel homely, yet flexible enough to dress-up for what you need, convertible to two sections, with waiting area, ample parking, kitchen & bathroom it doubles as a community creative hub and private Headquarters.

Bringing ‘TILCo TV’ (video/youtube), ‘TILCo Talks’ (in-personal talks/shows), ‘TILCo Telegram’ (email/community newsletter) in the near future. Follow theinspiredlifeco on social media & join our email list to keep updated.

What are Creative Expression (& Arts) Therapies?

Creative Expression is a language of the inner child, of the unconscious; the subconscious. The language of the body that we forget is experiential, somatic, exciting, and explorative.

Creativity doesn't = talent. Creativity means translating the self first and offering a new form of communication. Whether it's through visual media, sound, music or voice, movement dance, or poetry: creative expression is the most ancient form of language used by humans & many animals alike.

In fact, so much of nature communicates through creative expression we often forget it! It encourages healing, connection, collaboration, effective communication, integration of learnings, playfulness, permission, and above all acceptance and understanding of the shared experience, of living on this planet & beyond.


When we say ‘art/creative’ we mean any or a combination of: visual arts (painting, drawing, photography, film, sculpture), literary arts (journaling, poetry, creative writing, theatre), musical arts, (listening, playing instruments, making playlists, chanting, toning, bells, drum circles), and dance (ecstatic dancing, ceremony, expressive & primal movement, choreographed ritual). Arts like cooking gardening or decorating your house as also included - ANYTHING that brings creativity, beauty and self-expression into your life. 

When we say ‘healing’ we mean working with dis-ease and illness, physical, mental, emotional, life crises, grief, abuse & trauma, general discomforts and bad habits, relationships (family or other), work problems or spiritual growth - ANYTHING that needs to be healed in your life experience. Healing does not always mean curing, in fact it’s more often working to greatly improve your life, getting ‘better’ in the broadest way, to include your whole life. 

When we say ‘expression’ it includes any or a combination of: oral language, body movement, creative outputs (see above) laughter, understanding, feeling seen or heard, being ‘in flow’, silence, enlightening issues, presence and of course, joy. It is a way of communicating that doesn’t only follow the most common societal discourse of words. 

Why Heal with Creativity?

Healing with the arts is not a new concept, in fact, is embedded in ancient civilisations. Creativity has been, and still is, part of every human since the moment we became conscious.
The realm of the "ARTS" has been misunderstood and sectioned into 'creative' or ‘not creative’ rather than understanding the innate nature of humans is to ‘be creative’ not ‘do it’. Our very cells and physical functioning create every minute to keep us alive, and our subconscious can create consistent stories, images and evoke feelings even when we are asleep!


Psychoneuroimmunology (yes, it's a word) is the study of the mind on the health and immune system and although a relatively new field of research, it has also proven to be extremely closely linked to creative healing.

When you put creativity/the arts and healing together you get an innovative way of healing, that gives you the ability to journey inwards, to a mind-body state that heals on a deep physiological level. 

Who will see my 'creations'?

No-one but you and your therapist in private sessions. In group sessions, the space created is safe enough to share. But if there are specific requests or needs to share work, it will be discussed.

“When we put creativity/the arts and a safe, therapeutic space together, we explore an innovative way of healing that gives clients/participants the ability to journey inwards, to a mind-body state that heals on a deep, physiological level”

Do I have to be ‘artistic’ or ‘creative’?

Definitely not! In fact, it’s most beneficial for those who are not bound by the “fine-art” arena as it engages the natural innate language of shapes, colours, lines, and more! Zero judgment or expectations in any of our programs, sessions, or events.

Do you cater to those with disabilities?

Creativity in itself is not ableist - but in certain contexts we are aware there will be struggles for some more than others.
TILCO aims to accommodate many forms of disabilities. Please contact us to discuss the best way for us to do so.

What is the difference between 'Therapeutic Arts Group Work' and
'Inspired/Creative Expression' events?

Group work is usually in a bundled amount of sessions where all participants have committed to a specific time frame or a number of sessions. The space is kept safe and closed for the duration of the program. These are often pre-planned and written to suit a specific group of attendees. (For instance NDIS facilitations etc.)

Inspired Expression events (run at different local & community spaces) are open for all, usually neuro-typical driven and are one-off.

A space to play, present and process.

Give creative expression a chance in your life. Whether it’s for a group experiment, social playtime, a date idea, to learn a new skill, private therapeutic benefit, or to offer your style of alternative practice in the creative realms. Tilco Studio will aim to accomodate what is needed or what you’re seeking. See the events and program offerings, or create your own. For any hire questions contact us.

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